Borderlands 2 shift codes for PC MAC PS

Four Character of Borderland 2
Four Character of Borderland 2

Borderlands 2 shift codes are very much useful for vault hunter. This is the game which may contain inappropriate content for all age. It may not wise to view this Borderlands 2 for all. However, the brave gamer searches for Borderlands 2 shift codes to discover the challenge of Borderlands 2 steam game. Some of the gaming sites want your age to ensure you are perfect for the game or not. This is the best shooter and best multi-player game. This cloud game has received the People’s Choice Award. According to a game informer, it received 9.75 points out of 10.

borderlands 2 shift codes
borderlands 2 shift codes

Borderlands is a series of action role-playing first-person shooter game. Gearbox software created this and 2k games published this for multiple platforms. The series consists of three games and each of them is downloadable.

In their promotional video, they told the four-player cooperative shooter of the year is back. It has hours and hour’s additional content. Captain Scarlett and her pariate’s booty is also back.

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Borderlands 2 shift codes:

To loot borderlands 2 you need borderlands 2 shift codes. This shift code obtains several golden keys. With this golden keys, you can get access chest in Sanctuary. The loot inside the golden chest is the high rarity. The Borderlands 2 shift codes are provided by Gearbox Software. It acts as loyalty for Borderlands Community. Frequently they add borderlands 2 shift codes for their gamer. With the new release of Borderlands 2 shift codes, the handsome collection on PlayStation and Xbox One become relevant again to post Borderlands 2 shift codes for the game. Both Borderlands the pre-sequel and Borderlands 2 feature this loot system and it requires golden keys.

Four Character of Borderland 2
Four Character of Borderland 2

Borderlands 2 Gameplay Story:

Borderland is a role-playing open world first-person shooter video game. For your kind information, it is the initial video game of Borderlands series. It was released in October 2009. The story of the game is based on “Vault Hunters”. The hunters visit the aloof planet Pandora to quest an alien vault. Rumored to cover advanced alien technology, discover themselves fight the local fauna and robber population. But eventually trying to break the head of a private corporation army success the vault first.

The game focus on the ability to explore an in-game world and complete main mission through either in single-player or online cooperative gameplay. The gameplay structures include access to many arms and shields that vary in kind and statistics, arms with distinct essential purposes. Each playable character having individual class types and exclusive abilities for the fight, up-gradable expertise, and the use of two-person automobiles. The Borderland game itself is in cell-shaded graphics and rendered cartoon-style, to provide superior detail on arms and settings, and was encouraged by various exploit role-playing games of the time, such as Diablo and Ultimo.

Reviews of Borderlands:

Borderlands got auspicious evaluations upon its release and traded over 2 million units by the end of 2009. In November 2009, its victory produced four DLC – The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. In December 2009, Mad Moxxi’s Underdone Uprising; In February 2010 The Secret Armory of General Knoxx; and in September 2010 Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – and on September 2012 a sequel, Borderlands 2.


Borderlands 2 October 2018 Shift codes

Borderlands 2 shift codes of this year are:

5 Golden keys of borderlands 2 shift codes for pc, mac and PS [10/26]

  1. For PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita: CBW33-CTHFS-9TC95-93CBJ-ZBXZ9
  2. For PC or Mac: CTWB3-JTJSB-F63FK-JJB3J-FJFF3
  3. Xbox One or Xbox 360: WTCBT-ZHJ6W-SSXXH-5FB3B-5XXB9

[Active through 11/12]

5 Golden keys of borderlands 2 shift codes for mac, pc and PS [10/26]

  1. PC and Mac: C353J-CTJ9T-XR3XK-3JBJ3-FZKTF
  2. XB360 or XBOne: C3CBJ-3TKR5-SHFXS-C63JB-6BJZC
  3. PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita: WBKJ3-XJ9XH-STKZK-HTCT3-H5XKZ

[Active through 11/12]

5 Golden keys of borderlands 2 shift codes for Xbox, PC, and Mac [10/12]

  1. PC and Mac: WJ5T3-R9ZFJ-FFBFC-J3333-T3BK5
  2. Xbox 360 and Xbox One: CJW3J-K9JFC-SZFFH-WFBJB-6X95S
  3. PS3, PS 4, or PS Vita: CJKJT-HSXRH-9BWZ5-SJ5T3-93T9S

[Active through 10/29]

5 Golden keys of borderlands 2 shift codes for XB360 [10/12]

  1. PC or Mac: W3KJB-HH9FB-6RJ65-JBTJB-FJBH9
  2. XB360 or XBOne: 5B5JT-X9B6K-Z966H-CX33T-HJ5BT
  3. PlayStation3 / PlayStation4 / PlayStation Vita: K3CB3-BJSXS-93KH5-ZBCJB-FBX9S

[Active through 10/29]


Borderlands 2 more 5 GOLDEN KEYS [09/16]

  2. XB360 and XBOne: WJ533-3SJXK-HHFXZ-5RBBT-95SHR
  3. PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita: WTCJ3-XS6FH-HBKZC-9TCJB-TS3SW

[Active through 10/15]

5 GOLDEN KEYS [09/16]

  1. PC and Mac: CB5JJ-JHSFJ-X63X5-T3T33-CH96J
  2. Xbox 360 and Xbox One: CB5BJ-HRTR5-S9FXZ-KX3JT-FZXCJ
  3. PS3, PS 4, or PS Vita: WT5BJ-KH6XS-HBC9C-ZTW3T-5C3SS

[Active through 10/15]

5 GOLDEN KEYS of Borderlands 2 [09/16]

  1. PC and Mac: K3WB3-HFHF3-XF3FW-TTTJB-T5SJC
  3. PlayStation 3 / PS PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita: CJWTJ-TH669-SBC9C-H3WBB-9XFRW

[Active through 09/17]

5 GOLDEN KEYS of Borderlands 2 [09/16]

  1. PC and Mac: K3WB3-RF96T-F6BFK-3BJ3T-5ZSF5
  2. Xbox 360 or Xbox One: CT5JB-KXTFC-ZZXXS-K6JJT-TTSJT
  3. PS3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita: 53W3J-HFFRZ-HJK9K-9T5BT-6933Z

[Active through 09/17]

Borderlands 2 shift codes Xbox 360:


Borderland 2 games download
Borderland 2 games download

Regarding Online Game:

At present maximum online games is Games-as-a-service. This is one kind of cloud games. In my previous article, I also wrote on CS GO and Gloud Games.

Final Thought:

Borderlands 2 shift codes are collected from the different website. The writer is not responsible for the function ability of the shift codes. However, if you have any query you can visit the source site. The author is not liable for any enclosure. If you things any violation of your any content please inform me by I am sure that I will delete the content.


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