IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 30 Cloud Computing Platform for Internet of Things
IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 30 Cloud Computing Platform for Internet of Things.

IoT Cloud Platforms means the cloud platform which IoT use. Cloud Computing Platform for the Internet of Things is required to store the program on the cloud. To find out the best IoT Cloud Platforms you have to see a review of the Best 20 Cloud Computing Platform for the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things:

The term Internet of Things or IoT means the network of physical devices. IOT includes home appliances, vehicles, and other items embedded with sensors, actuators, electronics, and software. It has connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data. IoT creates the opportunity for the physical server for direct integration. The Internet of Things is the computer-based systems, makes efficiency growth, economic benefits, and decrease human exertions. IOT is inter-connected with cloud computing.

Cloud Computing:

The term cloud computing means data stored in the cloud. Basically, it is a myth. Data cannot keep in the cloud. Data is stored different server to have any backup in case of emergency or in the digester. Actually, it is a redundant server like the web server. There are three types of service of cloud computing which is SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Moreover, three types of cloud are there like the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. To protect cloud data there are many cloud antivirus security. On the other hand, to transfer data free Cloud OS is also there in the cloud. Cloud services providers offer the cheapest cloud storage that makes life easy.

IoT Cloud Platforms:

The IoT Cloud Platforms refers to the platform where the ToT developer develops and test their application.



Amazon is one of the largest company in the world. Beside cloud-based different service like AWS cloud, cloud storage they offer web service IoT platform. Basically, they are doing well since 2004 in IoT. Amazon cloud It is now dominating the IoT market. They offer IoT platform as service, software as service and infrastructure as a service. Amazon web service IoT platform does not cost so much. It is easy to use. Amazon has a software development kit (SDK) to implement the apk.

Free Cloud Storage Options For Small Business. IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 30 Cloud Computing Platform for Internet of Things
Free IOT Cloud Storage Options For Small Business

Working process of AWS IoT:

1. Take the input based on the situation or user-defined condition.
2. Process data based on rules
3. Interpret and send the nearby device
4. Authenticate the instruction
5. Execute the order

Some common AWS Services are:

1. Amazon S3
2. Amazon DynamoDB
3.  Amazon SNS
4.  Amazon SQS
5.  AWS Lambda
6.  Amazon Kinesis


The Microsoft Azure IoT hub is taking Internet of Things cloud services in a serious way. Microsoft offers IoT services, cloud storage, machine learning. They have even established their own operating system for IoT devices. We now can say them complete IoT service provider. The pricing of Microsoft Azure IoT is reasonable.

IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 30 Cloud Computing Platform for Internet of Things
IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 30 Cloud Computing Platform for an Internet of Things


1. IoT Hub gives our growth teams flexibility, versatility, and power for our any remote monitoring web applications
2. Cloud Resource for Azure family services is a central piece for all product
3. Data harmonization
4. data-intensive web application
5. Handle data from diverse sources, edge devices, machines, and customers

Some Common IoT product of Microsoft Azure are:
  • The IoT solution accelerators
  • IoT Hub
  •  The IoT Edge
  • Azure IoT Central


Tech giant IBM also offer IoT platform. IBM Watson IoT Platform is fully managed, cloud-based hosted service aimed to make it simple to descend value from your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It is easy to visualize and manage IoT data end-to-end in IBM Watson IoT Platform. Any company can increase revenue by developing solutions for the IoT platform. IBM offers cloud and cognitive technologies which is advances in sensor and transfer industries and business models.

IoT Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Watson IoT Platform gives the ability to fully manage IoT landscape. This IoT platform has the advantage of secure, analytics and cloud facilities, globally distributed data, edge experiences and a rich ecosystem of dealers and solution providers.

4. Google IoT cloud platform

The Google IoT cloud platform is the product of Google.  This cloud computing service runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses. The Google Cloud IoT Core is a completely managed service. Google Cloud IoT Core allows you to easily and securely manage, connect and ingest data from millions of internationally dispersed devices. Cloud IoT platform, offers a complete result for processing, analyzing, collecting and visualizing IoT data in real time to support better operational efficiency.

Google Big Data Migration in Cloud Computing
Google Big Data Migration in Cloud Computing

Google Cloud IoT core features:

  • Device manager
  • Protocol bridge
  • End-to-end security
  • Fully managed and scalable
  • Single global system
  • Device deployment at scale
  • Out-of-box data insights
  • Brings ML to the edge/on premises
Cloud IoT Core Pricing

Up to the first 250 MB, it is free. 250MB to 250GB the price is $0.0045 per MB. On Standard package 250GB to 5TB the price is $0.0020 per MB. Finally, 5TB and above they charge $0.00045 per MB.

5. Oracle cloud IoT platform

Oracle cloud IoT platform is a wonderful service for tech people. It is easy to use and simply awesome. This Cloud Developer Portal provides Internet of Things Cloud Service in a different way. Their platform as a service (PaaS) connects devices to the cloud through the algorithm. This iot platform analyzes data from those devices in real time, integrate with web services, enterprise applications, and other Oracle IoT Cloud Services.

Oracle cloud IoT platform
Oracle cloud IoT platform


  • Connect server
  • Analyze Streaming Data in Real Time
  • Data with enterprise applications and web services
  • Drive smarter decisions
  • Preinstalled and preconfigured using Oracle Linux and Oracle Java SE Advanced
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

6. Salesforce cloud IoT platform

The Salesforce cloud IoT platform is a Customer relation management platform. Salesforce CRM is powered by Thunder. This IoT service focus on high speed and real-time decision making. Salesforce creates wonderful CRM interaction. Its user interface is user-friendly for its user.

7. BOSCH iot cloud platform

IoT cloud platform Bosch Software allows realizing innovative business models. This is a wonderful Internet of Things with cross-domain applications. The Bosch IoT platform is flexible and based on open standards and open source. Bosch cloud services encounter the necessities typical of IoT projects.

8. Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Connect

The Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Connect is the new mobility-cloud-based software platform of Cisco. It proposes the whole solution for mobile operators to deliver excellent IoT familiarities. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect platform aids to find new methods to make money.  It fully optimizes and utilizes your network.

IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 20 Cloud Computing Platform for Internet of Things
IoT Cloud Platforms: Best 20 Cloud Computing Platform for an Internet of Things


  • Cisco provides granular, real-time visibility
  • Update across every level of the network
  • Transport and user, access, core, and cloud

9. General Electric Predix

Predix is General Electric’s Iot software platform. It works for collection and analysis of information from industrial machines. This platform supports industrial IoT. As an IoT developer, you can use the Predix IoT platform. The price of this platform is low.

10. SAP Cloud IoT Platform:

The SAP Cloud IoT platform build and deploy applications with a cloud-based IoT platform. SAP deals a complete portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). This in-memory IoT platform helps user rapidly deploy, develop, and manage real-time IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Other Cloud IoT Platforms are:

  1. Thingworx Cloud IoT Platform
  2. Samsung Artik Cloud IoT Platform
  3. Hewlett Packard Cloud IoT Platform
  4. Datav by Bsquare Cloud IoT Platform
  5. Mindsphere by Siemens Cloud IoT Platform
  6. Ayla Network by Ayla Cloud IoT Platform
  7. Carriots Cloud IoT Platform
  8. MBED Cloud IoT Platform
  9. Mosaic (LTI) Cloud IoT Platform
  10. Mocana Cloud IoT Platform